James Bromberger

Over 30 years with multi-national companies and government agencies leading teams on web-scale technology platforms, architecting, implementing and operating services to meet global 24x7 service requirements. My communication skills have allowed me to quickly collaborate and manage global IT operational, DevOps, development and support staff., as well as set agency and organisational strategies on cybersecurity uplift.

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Cloud Practitioner icon Solution Architect - Associate icon Solution Architect - Professional icon Developer - Associate icon Sys Ops Administrator - Associate icon DevOps Engineer - Professional icon Advanced Networking - Specialty icon Database - Specialty icon Security - Specialy icon Well Architected Proficient icon Partner Accreditation (Business) Partner Accreditation (Technical)
James Bromberger


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Senior Leadership & Technology Professional

Since the early 1990s, making extensive use of cost effective bespoke, OSS and commercial digital software and hardware solutions.

Industry & Skills Summary

Professional skills
Leading Enterprise technical teams across multiple sites, time-zones, and languages.
Industry Expertise
Professional Services; Information Technology and Services; Tertiary Education; Financial Services; Advertising; State Government Departments; Mining & Energy
Security Clearances
  • Australian national police criminal check
  • Australian Government Baseline clearance
Dual national Australian & British

Employment Summary

Year Company Location Role
2020 — PresentModisPerthConsulting Director; Global Cloud Lead
2018 — 2020ModisPerthConsulting Director; AWS Practice Lead (Aus)
2014 — 2018Modis (Ajilon)PerthAssociate Director
2012 — 2014Amazon Web ServicesPerthSecurity Solution Architect, Australia & New Zealand
2010 — PresentNephologyPerthFounder & Trainer
2005 — 2010Vibrant MediaLondonGlobal IT Operations Director
2003 — 2005Fotango (Canon Europe)LondonSystem Administrator Team Manager
2001 — 2003Linux.conf.au '03PerthConference lead organiser
2000 — 2002Hartley Poynton/JDVPerthWeb System Adminstrator
1997 — 2000The University of Western AustraliaPerthChief Webmaster

Education, Licences & Certifications

Validate AWS certifications on Credly.

Cloud Practitioner icon Solution Architect - Associate icon Solution Architect - Professional icon Developer - Associate icon Sys Ops Administrator - Associate icon DevOps Engineer - Professional icon Advanced Networking - Specialty icon Database - Specialty icon Security - Specialy icon Well Architected Proficient icon Partner Accreditation (Business) Partner Accreditation (Technical)

Training & Conferences

  • University of Technology Sydney guest lecturer: The Modern Cloud and the Serverless [R]evolution (Presenter)
  • BSides Perth 2021 - September (Presenter)
  • AWS User Group Perth - April (Presenter)
  • Linux.conf.au – Christchurch (Presenter)
  • Australian Information Security Association Perth Branch Annual Conference (Presenter)
  • AWS Summit – Sydney
  • AWS Ambassador Meetup – Seattle (Guest of AWS)
  • AWS Certification Workshop SME – San Francisco (Guest of AWS)
  • Australian Information Security Association Perth Branch Annual Conference (Presenter - link)
  • Latency Conference – Perth (Presenter)
  • AWS Public Sector Summit – Canberra
  • AWS: APN Cloud Warrior Summits
  • AWS Summit – Sydney (Presenter)
  • AWS: APN Cloud Warrior Summits
  • AWS Summit – Sydney
  • AWS Public Sector Summit – Canberra (Presenter)
  • AWS Summit – Sydney
  • Linux.conf.au, Auckland (Papers Committee)
  • AUSCERT Security on the Move Perth: August 7 2014 (Presenter)
  • Australian Computer Society (ACS) Perth Conference (Presenter)
  • AWS Summit – Sydney (Presenter)
  • AWS Summit – Auckland (Presenter)
  • Linux.conf.au, Perth (Presenter, Papers Ctte)
  • Debconf 13, Geneva, Switzerland (Presenter)
  • AWS Customer Summit, Sydney (Presenter)
  • Linux.conf.au, Canberra (Papers Committee)
  • AWS Customer Event/Region Launch, Sydney
  • Linux.conf.au, Ballarat
  • Management Skills for IT, Learning Tree, London
  • Debian Conference, Edinburgh
  • FOSDEM, Brussels, Belgium
  • FOSDEM, Brussels, Belgium
  • UKUUG Summer Conference, Swansea, UK
  • FOSDEM, Brussels, Belgium
  • Linux.conf.au, UWA, Perth (Organiser)
  • Linux.conf.au, UQ, Brisbane
  • Australian Debian Mini-Conf (Organiser), UQ, Brisbane
  • 1st Debian Conference, Bordeaux, France
  • Linux.conf.au, UNSW, Sydney
  • Apache Con Europe, London
  • AusWeb 1999 Conference, Ballina, New South Wales

AWS Cloud Experience


Career Detail

2018 — Present: Consulting Directory & Global Cloud Lead, Modis (formerly Ajilon)

Company Profile

In 2018, Ajilon in Australia merged into Modis, its sister brand from other geographies within the Adecco group.



As Modis Consulting Director, James specialises in managing the Cloud practice. James’ leadership provides technical direction and assurance implementing AWS-based cloud solutions delivered to clients, as well as ensuring critical long-term delivery quality, modernisation and security with large cloud-based teams. James frequently presents at various industry associations, conferences and User Groups throughout Australia and New Zealand on Cloud, Security, Linux, and Open Source, as well as organising many private customer and public events. He has written and delivered training material on encryption and web security focusing on up-skilling staff to ensure successful customer delivery.

James also spearheads the company’s interactions with Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) Managed Services Provider Partner Program (MSP^3), ensuring current cybersecurity awareness is a core element of IT service delivery.

2014 — 2018: Associate Director, National Cloud Lead, Ajilon

Company Profile

Ajilon provides program and project management, bespoke development, analysis, architecture, testing & QA, services, as a part of the Adecco Group. Its customers are large enterprises and government agencies.


  • AWS APN Cloud Warrior
  • RAC
  • Dept Training & Workforce Development
  • Education Dept WA
  • Racing & Wagering WA
2014 – 2018
  • AWS Partner Alliance Lead/Manager
2014 – 2017
  • Landgate. Land Title Registry Transformation Project – migration to AWS Cloud-based infrastructure of the Western Australian Land Titles processing and the creation of Land Registry as a Service platform, Advara.

2012 — 2014: Solution Architect, Amazon Web Services

Company Profile

Amazon Web Services provides computing services that make up the world’s leading Cloud Computing platform.


Along with a regional sales manager, I opened the Perth office of Amazon Web Services in June 2012, as the technical face of AWS to customers in Western and South Australia, and Security specialist across Australia & NZ.

2010 — Present: Nephology

Company Profile

Nephology provides Linux, Open Source, Cloud expertise to local and international clients.

2005 — 2010: Global Nework Operations Manager, Vibrant Media

Company Profile

Vibrant Media is a web advertising platform linking context-relevant advertising into content.


Joined when 28 people in 3 offices (server footprint ~20 hosts); managed data centre growth across US and Europe, with ~800 physical servers delivering content to 50% of the US Internet. Responsible for service delivery to hundreds of staff in 13 offices, across 4 countries — a growth of over 1,000% over three years (Deloitte Fast 50, Inc500 fastest Growing Companies).

Historical Roles

Contact Details

+61 422 166 708
Physical Location
Ardross 6153, Western Australia


Numerous testamonials are on LinkedIn.

Media Links

Software and Solutions experience



App Servers

Other Servers

Operating System Administration


Other technology skills

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